Stutter Starts

I’ve faltered the last couple days on my plan. Drama always comes in patches and that has been true for this last week.

I’ve only taken one 4 hour kid free break in two weeks. I didn’t get rid of anything this weekend. And, honestly, I have yet to start my exercise plan.

I know that moving in to a knew way of living is a one step forward, two steps back process. I’m being patient with myself, but I’m also trying to stay accountable by posting with honesty here.

I have a million and one excuses not to work out. They all suck. So, I’m not even going to bother delving in to them. Let’s just say, from tomorrow, I’m going to do something that resembles exercise at least once a day.

Life always seems to get in the way when I make plans to change my life. How can I get my house under control when it’s so out of control?! When do I work out when some days I don’t even have time to shower?! How do I change everything when just changing a diaper can be such a daunting task?!

That’s when my plans start to falter and fall apart. I get overwhelmed and I throw my hands up.
Not this time.

I acknowledge that I’ve stuttered, almost to a stop. This time I’m going to remember something my mother-in-law has said to me probably 100 times:

“How do you eat an elephant?”
One bite at a time.

So I’m going back to my baby steps. I’m going to eat this elephant. It doesn’t matter how long it takes.

And I’m going to remember why I’ve chosen to do this. I want to enjoy this process. The miserable parts will teach me strength and I will endure them. The amazing parts will leave me feeling fulfilled.

I just have to remember: One bite at a time.

That fat ass elephant doesn’t stand a chance.


About Beckie

I am a mother, wife, and doula trying to find more joy in life by having less.
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