Level 4

So, I have this internal ranking system for these panic attack. Level 1-5. (1= mild, 5= feeling like I’m going to pass out/die)

Today I experienced a solid Level 4. While out of the house, which is when they usually occur. I had to take a whole Xanax just to make it home from Target. I, very luckily, had a friend with me who helped me keep my mind distracted during the drive.

That’s right, I had to drive. It fucking sucked, pardon the language.

I only get one that bad maybe twice a month. It’s horrible and scary and makes me, during the “come down”, even more determined to keep making changes so I can avoid this in the future.

So, a question for you, dear readers. If you suffer from panic attacks, what triggers them? What do you do during one to help keep your shit together until the medicine (if you take medicine) kicks in?

I’m starting to look for patterns that bring them on and I’m coming up blank, except for being out of the house for the worst ones.

This will get better. I will find answers and a solution to this. I just need a little help along the way.


About Beckie

I am a mother, wife, and doula trying to find more joy in life by having less.
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4 Responses to Level 4

  1. I’m sorry to hear you had such an awful day of anxiety. For me, triggers tend to mostly in the medical industry, especially male doctors. I have to have a trusted person go with me to any doctor’s appointment that aren’t with my family practitioner (who I’ve had for many, many years). We have some comfort items we carry in our purse or car at all times. Peppermint oil (the smell is comforting), a smooth river/worry stone that we hyper focus on rubbing, a small stuffed animal.
    Wishing you warm and comforting thoughts.

  2. Theresa says:

    Having worked for a psychiatrist for 20 years I learned there really are no triggers except for sometimes a feeling of loss of control (presumably being away from home), or being rushed.. Unfortunately, this leads many to avoid going out….please don’t do this. The best results I’ve seen are those who find the medication they can take regularly for a few months to decrease the symptoms, such as Prozac. Anyway, we both know and love someone who knows and can truly help you out with this. Please don’t generalize the triggers, such as driving or being away from home, make them more specific. I love you and admire you as a friend and mother!

  3. Miki says:

    I am anxious almost all the time. I too have a scale. 1-10. I do not know what sets me off but I wake up shaky. I am scared of my health and I am an over reacter. Always have been.
    I sleep to get rid of the feelings. My Shrink says I have GAD. General Anxiety Disorder. Just glade I have my Valium and Ativan.
    I don’t go out much. It is too scary. But they want me to get out and do more.

    I have always lived on adrenaline and when I was working I needed that extra punch. But after my dad passed I was GAD from 1987 on. No real help but Prozac came out around that time. It helped a little but it also gave me the jitters and that didn’t help.
    My bad times come with my health problems and the fact that I get angry and wind up going at 160 mph in my brain and body. Did that today. I already had taken my pill earlier and now I am just waiting till i can take my next dose. In between I try to use distractions tv sleep self talk anything to get me to calm down. It Doesn’t work the way the books day it will. They are BS. For me I have to rely on my pills.
    I am dependent on them but don’t abuse them. They are there to help me.
    Sometimes when I am in a state no one can talk me down and it will take me hours till my body will calm down.

  4. Any anxiety overload I have felt between years ago (when it was severe) and now (only mild occurrences) I could probably attribute simply to BELIEF.
    The belief I was falling apart.
    The belief that I couldn’t deal with the world.
    The belief that I wasn’t learning, doing, or being fast enough or good enough at something.
    The belief that I was ugly, stupid, or worthless.
    and sometimes just this subtle but pervasive in the bone belief that I was dying.

    During what I consider my naive years I wouldn’t confront my beliefs until they gathered up and would landslide in my psyche.
    Now I know better as horror gives way to disappointment and fear gives way to concern with each belief that comes up. The ecosystem of my psyche is stronger and has cultivated a system of rooted thoughts that support my well being…rather than allowing me to be vulnerable to collapse.

    No one hurt me.
    Bad luck didn’t plague my life.
    It was just life and circumstance and ill-conceived thought being generated inside that I naively allowed to swarm and overwhelm me.

    And maybe some fucked up eating habits 🙂 heh.

    So perhaps you can shine light on some beliefs you have that aren’t serving you – chances are they hold the triggers you’re looking for. 🙂

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