moving on up.

I haven’t been posting much because good ole life got in the way, but now things are settling down again and I’m getting back to it.

We decided to give Alex one more shot at traditional schooling and enrolled him (and Cassidy) at a new school. It’s a Title 1 school and seems really amazing. I’m hoping this is a positive change for the kids.

The week leading up to making a decision about Alex’s schooling was fraught with Xanax. Maybe the uncertainty of things intensified my problem. I found myself getting worried that I would get nervous that I might have a panic attack if I left the house tomorrow. Was that convoluted enough for you?

It was exhausting and I’m glad that I’m finally feeling close to normal again. I even went shopping twice this week without having to take anything!

I gave up on the 30 day shred on day 2 because, again, life happened. I’m planning on starting it again on September 1st and would like to invite anyone who’s interested to join me in this madness! It is so painful and awesome.

My house is continuing to improve slowly and steadily. Once I finish organizing the “sunken” living room, I’ll post photos of the changes we’re making around here. (Hopefully my living room will have a sweet new paint job to show off too!)

So, I’m still here. Still making my way. Thanks for sticking with me.


About Beckie

I am a mother, wife, and doula trying to find more joy in life by having less.
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